Communications Consulting Services

My journalism and communications background makes me the perfect person for your next project. I'm a writing whiz, a patient coach, and have the creative eye to make your projects look their best. I also have experience working with communications teams in eight countries around the world, in-person and virtually. 

Let's get started. Here's how I can work with you: 

Coaching Sessions

An organization is only as strong as its employees. I strongly believe in the value of professional development, and work with local staff to build their capacity in key communication areas.

I offer coaching in:

During her tenure at Digital Opportunity Trust as the Digital Communications Officer, Hilary was very instrumental in helping me with matters pertaining to communications, ranging from digital marketing, developing promotional materials, photography, digital storytelling, designing newsletters, project specific documentation, editing news materials, etc. I still marvel at her vast knowledge and how patiently she trained me.
— Jackline Alwedo, Communications Officer with DOT Uganda
  • Creating a communications plan for your organization;
  • Using MailChimp to create digital newsletters;
  • Writing and editing skills;
  • Social media for organizations;
  • Photography basics;
  • Videography basics;
  • Media engagement;
  • How to use Wordpress.

In addition to in-person coaching sessions, I can conduct training virtually over Skype and Google Hangouts.

Facilitating a workshop on social media for the 2017 recipients of the Youth Solidarity Fund, a program of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC). Istanbul, Turkey

Facilitating a workshop on social media for the 2017 recipients of the Youth Solidarity Fund, a program of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC). Istanbul, Turkey

Promotional Photography

Photography breathes life into your presentations, brochures, and annual reports. There is nothing quite as powerful as seeing an organization's work with your own eyes, and promotional photography can be used to complement well written words and impact numbers. From head shots of your team to event photos to field photography, I use a photojournalistic style to capture scenes in vivid and unforgettable way

What I can offer:

  • Brainstorming sessions to talk about the images you're looking for and their intended use; 
  • Photography and post-production services.
January 28, Tanzania.jpg
January 28, Tanzania-56.jpg

Video Creation

Your organization does good and impactful work — but sometimes it's difficult to communicate those efforts to an audience. Video content is one of the most important and effective ways to promote your project. In fact, people are 4x more likely to watch a video about your organization than they are to read an article about it.

So what are you waiting for? I work with you from idea to final product.

Here's a promotional video I made for Solaris Offgrid, a solar company with operations in Tanzania. Their goal was to target investors and potential partners for expansion.

Watch below!

I also created this summary video for the UN Alliance of Civilizations based on a capacity building workshop they facilitated in 2017. The aim of this video was to introduce viewers to the various projects awarded the Youth Solidarity Fund, and discuss what they had gained from the organization.

Impact Stories

People are at the core of any work. Let their stories be heard.

Impact stories are profiles, interviews, photo essays, or blog posts that introduce your audience to the people who have benefited from the work of your organization. It's about putting a face to the quantitative outcomes and results-based reporting. Impact stories are ideal to share with partners, donors, and online audiences. They're also a lovely element to include in annual and donor reports. 

What I can offer:

  • A consultation meeting to discuss what kind of story you're looking for and how it could complement your organization's work;
  • Profiles, Q&A's, and interviews  that address your project's deliverables;
  • Stories that are created for print, web, radio, or video depending on the needs of your organization;
  • High quality photographs to accompany each story.
Hilary was my editor for all content that was published on the DOT Rwanda website. I learnt from her descriptive writing skills because she is a brilliant writer who attends to all details. An example of Hilary’s work was how instrumental she was during the creation of DOT Rwanda’s content for the International Women’s Day 2015. Her guidance helped attract a lot of traffic to all our media channels. In my career I have never met someone with such a genuine and focused interest in writing and telling stories.
— Faith Mbabazi, Communications Manager with DOT Rwanda

Content Creation

I work with teams in Canada and the United States to create informative blog posts and articles for their websites and respective clients. My copy is entertaining, focused, and takes best Search Engine Optimization practices into account. I also create communications-related resource guides that are used by organizations in North America and abroad.

A generalist by nature, I have researched and written copy on a variety of subject areas, from the automotive industry to wearable technology to the state of retail in America. 

Passport Health was looking for someone to help us with a content redesign of our Canada website. After spending a few weeks trying to find the right candidate, we discovered Hilary. Deciding to go with her was the best decision we could have made. She was very thorough, easy to work with and provided the quality content we needed. In some cases she even went above and beyond what we discussed, suggesting ways we could further improve our content and structuring. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for content help.
— Will Sowards, Digital Communications Specialist at Passport Health
Hilary is a talented and skilled writer, with a strong voice and ability to customize her writing style as needed. We have many different kinds of clients and many different needs, and Hilary has been able to satisfy them all. She is also punctual, communicative and easy to get in touch with. I recommend Hilary’s work highly.
— Heather Ferguson, Content Manager at Main Path Marketing

Communications Plan Development

A communications plan guides the communications efforts of your entire organization, and helps intelligently focus those efforts around a certain set of goals. Creating a communications strategy is essential for your organization to understand the audience it's targeting, the message that will best resonate, and the mediums through which your voice should be shared. Start communicating smartly today.

What I can offer:

  • A half-day facilitated workshop where I guide your team through the components needed to create a communications plan for your organization, project, or event;
  • Follow-up services to help communications staff take the workshop information and craft a communications plan;
  • Additional coaching as your team works to implement the strategy.

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